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The Good Neighbors Furniture Store gets a New Roof


If you drove past the old Ludlow Fire House in the past few weeks you had to notice the new roof that was being installed.  Of course that building is the Black River Good Neighbor Services’ used furniture store.  We are now hoping that the building will serve our needs for a long time to come!  HP Roofing installed the standing seam roof to look like it once did and we are quite proud of the outcome.


The old roof was rusting and several of the fasteners had popped out.  Along the edges the metal was pulling away from the decking and had already been fixed more than once.  We knew that it was simply a matter of time – probably very little time – before the roof would start to leak, and we feared the effects of every severe windstorm.  We wanted to replace it for several years, but that much money was just out of our reach.  At least it was out of reach until we received a bequest from the estate of Phyllis Agan, a long time supporter of our causes.  Mrs. Agan was supporting the food shelf and thrift store in Ludlow even before it became BRGNS.  Her gift was a blessing for us.


We are not the only store on Main Street to get a facelift this summer, and we are very happy to be part of improving the Ludlow image.  Stop by and check out the furniture store if you have not done so already, or come on back in.  We are open on Fridays and Saturday from 10 to 4.


Looking for a Job?; BRGNS needs your help!


BRGNS has employment opportunities - for a Thrift Store and Food Shelf Attendant - fill out the employment application by clicking HERE and send it or email it to Audrey Bridge at BRGNS.



The Director's Report . . .


Hello Folks,

Summer is here and we survived another long winter as well as spring rummage sale.  The things about rummage sale that always impress me are first there is so much excess ”stuff” in such a small community.  Second  I never cease to be amazed by the energy,  passion and generosity with themselves our volunteers have.

The efforts of our volunteers have allowed us to keep fresh produce available to our foodshelf clients at all times now. In addition to chees and local eggs . Another program we will be kicking off is collecting supplies for kids going back to school in the fall.  So much is needed for each child that we are concerned this causes a hardship for some families.  One thing I am certain that we will need are a large variety of backpacks.  Kids of all ages need them.

Summer also brings back our snowbirds.  It is always nice to see folks come back.         

We hope to see you soon,


Important Coming Dates at BRGNS:


All summer - The Castle Restaurant in Proctorsville will be serving a 3 course dinner, featuring its excellent cuisine, for $25 - AND on Tuesday's, it will donate 50% of its proceeds to Black River Good Neighbors . . .

. . . Enjoy a great meal and know that you're helping someone else take care of their family!

August 7:  Volunteers Appreciation Picnic

September 19 - 21 Fall Rummage Sale at Fletcher Farm

Across Our Table 

Black River Good Neighbor Services is primarily a food shelf to help people in need.  So we distribute a lot of food, some of which may not be familiar to all people.  We try to find recipes to complement the food that we distribute and now we are producing a cooking show to introduce those recipes to everybody.  The show is called “Across Our Table” and features two of our volunteers, Doris Eddy and Peter LaBelle (pictured above in a scene from an episode of 'Across Our Table'), who discuss the recipes and the food while demonstrating.  The show is broadcast on LPC-TV and is also available on their website, www.LPCTV.org  (Just click on videos and scroll down to find the episode you want to see.)


We have also typed up the recipes and they are available by clicking here.


We hope that you find something useful in the show and we’d love to hear your comments.  Please e-mail them to BRGNS@TDS.net.  Bon Appetit!


A Message from Peter LaBelle, President of BRGNS

August is a month of contrasts.  While children have no school and many families take vacations, many children wish they could be back in school and many families won’t even think about days off.  These are people who are food insecure.  Children who depend on the meals served at school have a real nutritional problem during the summer, and families who live paycheck-to-paycheck can’t take time off without going hungry.  Hunger never takes a holiday or a vacation.  That is why we at BRGNS continue to run our food shelf throughout the summer.  While Ludlow and some adjoining towns are known as “gold towns” it isn’t because everyone is wealthy.  Far from it.  In the first six months of 2014 we provided food and financial assistance to 506 adults and 160 children totaling about $48,000.  (I say “about” because we estimate the value of the food that is donated to us and that we distribute.)  This does not count the over 140 bags of groceries that we distribute in conjunction with USDA each month.  So the need continues and we try to fill it.

I had the good fortune of attending the closing ceremonies of the “Iron Adventure Run” a few weeks ago.  The event is a three-day motorcycle rally that draws people from all over the United States and Canada.  Sponsored in part by Harley Davidson, it was hosted last year and this by the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce and by Okemo’s Jackson Gore.  The profusion of motorcycles and especially of the riders gave quite a mid-summer shot in the economic arm of the Ludlow area.  But why am I telling all of you this?  Because we at BRGNS were the recipients of a $500 check and several bags and boxes of food from these generous riders.  I was honored to be given this donation at the rally’s closing ceremonies and I truly meant it when I thanked them for their generosity.  We never expected anything from them and getting such a donation was a pleasant mid-summer surprise.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, everybody.  Ski season is just around the corner!



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